Sunday, January 30, 2005

January 29th Flu Update--11th Death--Is the spread inevitable?

11th Bird Flu Death in Vietnam

11th Pro Med article contains mostly dry stats, but finishes with this kicker: "[These reports appear to be the 1st indication of an extension in the range of human cases of avian influenza virus infection in the current East Asia outbreak -- if the tests on the Cambodian woman prove positive and it is confirmed that she contracted infection in Cambodia before she arrived in Viet Nam. Up to the present, no human cases had been contracted outside of Thailand or Viet Nam. - Mod.CP]

Another country heard from. Singapore ratchets up flu prevention measures

Localities in Vietnam urged to move up flu measures

WHO Official weighs in...flu still a "threat"

Another another company heard from...Kuala Lumpur follows suit

Is there a human transmission in Cambodia...Recomibinomics notes odd timing. More troubling may be that the Cambodians are trying to keep this a secret.

Dong Thap Cluster details from Recombinomics.

Pro Med calls Thai Avian Flu "highly virulent"

900,000 dead poulty in Vietnam.


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