Thursday, January 27, 2005

January 27 Update

United Nations warns of sporadic ongoing human cases in Vietnam. Also, says human-human transmission due to long-term caregiving.

Yale provides a big-picture overview

Reports of attempts to nip flu in bud, as previously reported. Optimism is based on success stopping SARS with public health measures

Recombinomics has a case with the usual sketchy facts, but that could indicate new human-human transmission case in Vietnam.

ProMEd with a basic report on the above cases.

More evidence which Recombinomics claims debunks the Blood Pudding theory

Dateline Phillipines---Recombinomics is reporting a jailhouse outbreak of respiratory disease that could be human-human flu, nots similarity to previous meningococcemia -like cases in the Phillipines.


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