Friday, January 21, 2005

January 21--Has Human-to-Human begun in Vietnam?

WHO update on brother human-human possible in this case, but no change in pandemic status. Those around the brothers are not sick, as they would be in human-human was efficient, and one brother had cared for the other. Finally, some raw duck blood and organs had been consumed, which could also have transmitted the disease.

New Scientist is less sanguien, says Two Human-Human Transmissions in Vietnam--estimates many more H5N1 than tests are showing

Recombinomics Weighs in on the brothers and the difficulty of detecting H5N1 as it regenerates.

Thailand and other Tsunami areas beginning to show Bird Flu problems

New isolate in Grey Herons in Hong Kong---large gene pool seen as increasing odds or recombination and epidemic

Seventh Bird Flu Death in Vietnam


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