Wednesday, January 26, 2005

January 26 Flu Update--7:33 PM ET Updated Update

Notwithstanding the protests of the Vietnemese, WHO says that the cause of the brothers with the flu is undetermined and still being investigated. WHO does note that the transmission chain did not extend farther than one person, a fact which does not appear to be in doubt.

WHO also notes that the 9th and 10th lab confirmed cases since mid-December have emerged, and only one has survived. That is the brother from the "duck blood" case, which has led some to speculate that newer generations of the disease are less lethal.

Recombinomics weighs in with his belief that the timing and dates clearly indicate human-human transmission.

Demonstraing that the flu and politics are never far apart, the Taipei Times calls for a Chinese Quarantine, citing the Chinese proclivity for starting pandemics over, oh, say, the last millenium or so.

NPR reports that WHO is stockpiling Tamiflu in Asia, and will rush medicine to effected areas to help nip an epidemic at the source. This is fine if pandemic develops in stages, but not if it explodes onto the globe, as it did in 1918.

Cornell researchers publish article which says that a co-receptor must be present for flu to enter a cell. ONce fleshed out, this could help flu treatment.


Effect Measure, excellent public health blog doubts Bush administration's statements about flu risk, school closures, quarantines, etc.

Denver Post on CDC quarantine and other "quiet" plans for flu outbreak, not wanting to alarm public.


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