Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 24 Flu Update

ProMed account of NE J of Med article on h-h transmission last year in Thailand. A woman caught it from a bird, and her Mother came from far away to care for her, and had no exposure. Transmission was after hours of unprotected caregiving. It would seem not to be "efficient" h-h transmission.

Here's the NEJOM link

Some are pointing out that the "duck blood" pudding theory listed below is improbable because of how long it took the brothers to be infected. If valid, that would leave this also a h-h transmission case. As seen here

ProMed on 2 new flu cases in Vietnam.

ProMed reports further Flu spread in Vietnam

Recombinomics on the UM Conference yesterday, webcast, key early questions.

Globe and Mail on NEJOM article being released in lead-up to Ann Arbor conference.

The Times of London reports on Doomsday preperations in Britain...the first paragraph alone shows what we are up against.


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