Saturday, June 07, 2008

June 6 Flu Update

You will not be surprised to learn that Indonesia's announcement that it will not announce bird flu deaths regularly has drawn "ire."

ProMed has this story. Note the mod comment that shows that there is confusion about what Indonesia says, too.

Hong Kong has found bird flu in a poultry market.

Hawaii is beginning a program to test travelers with flu-like symptoms as they enter the country.

The Tyson Outbreak is raising bird flu awareness in Arkansas.

In India, compensation to farmers is being delayed--by bureaucracy, it appears.

Britain says bird flu not a risk to the food supply.

Canada is upgrading is surveillance for bird flu.

Lakeland, WI held a bird flu table top exercise.

The Philippines seize poultry shipments from Holland.

Uganda says its bird flu capacity is improving.


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