Sunday, June 01, 2008

May 31 Flu Update

WHO says it is making progress on intellectual property issues that have hamstrung international bird flu efforts.

A bill in New York on compulsary vaccinations is causing controversy. (It does bring up some issues. In a pandemic, mandatory vaccinations would be a big social/political problem unless panic had set in, in which case people would be demanding them).

A foundation has been founded in Indonesia to help educate the public about bird flu.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger JOLLY ROGER said...

But it sounds so cute

Getting a bit bored with the scaremongering and need to know the unbiased facts of this rampaging global killer, from China?


So you’ve had a dire-ria day. Get compacted home. No post, no messages, no food. After finishing microwaving your Kiev you switch on the box. There he is, John Simpson telling you chicken is ill, and here’s another picture of your walking chicken Kiev, and here’s one being slaughtered. O wait there’s a professor telling you he’s concerned. And there’s the bin, and there’s your poultry Kiev in a sea of value eggs and edd the duck puppets.

...more at


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