Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 3 Flu Update

There's a mystery epidemic in North Korea....bears watching.

Hong Kong Scientists have developed a drug cocktail that has had success in mice in fighting bird flu. (The anti-inflammatory is interesting).

...the team said it used a combination of the antiviral drug zanamivir and the non- steroid anti-flammatory agents celecoxib and mesalazine.

If there's a pandemic, CDC recommends people wear masks in crowds....also defines the appropriate conditions for antiviral usage.

Health and Human Services is putting money behind local preparedness grants.

Maryland will hold a statewide pandemic conference.

Another vaccine shows good early results (from Medicago)

Low-path bird flu found in Tyson Chickens in Arkansas. Not huge news, except for the impact. Falling stock price, etc.

Similarly, southern England had a low path outbreak, too.


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