Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 4 Flu Update

Sometimes you just cannot believe what you read. It appears that Indonesia has decided not to publicize bird flu deaths. See below.

A 15-year-old girl died of bird flu last month, becoming Indonesia's 109th victim, but the government decided to keep the news quiet. It is part of a new policy aimed at improving the image of the nation hardest hit by the disease.

``How does it help us to announce these deaths?'' Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Thursday, after confirming that the girl from southern Jakarta tested positive on May 13 and died one day later. ``We want to focus now on positive steps and achievements made by the government in fighting bird flu.''

The media picks up the CDC drug and mask requirements.

Britain confirms H7 in latest outbreak. This news is all over the web, but mostly repetitive.

CIDRAP on outbreaks of H7 in UK and US.

Frank Jones, associate director for extension at the Center for Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, said 10 to 12 low-pathogenic avian flu infections occur in the state each year, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported today. He said migratory geese could have brought the low-pathogenic strain to northwestern Arkansas, where it could have spread to the breeder hens.

"Typically these things happen in spring and fall when we get waterfowl migration. There's been a lot of waterfowl that have come through," Jones told the newspaper.

Tyson is having export problems due to bird flu.

Interesting story on how mobile phones could be used to track human movement in a community.

A new study, published by the team in the journal Nature, has monitored the movements of 100,000 people by their mobile-phone signals, and perhaps unsurprisingly shows that most people are creatures of habit, tending to make regular migrations to the same few locations, but with occasional long hops.

Mapping large-scale human movements is important for urban planning, traffic forecasting and disease monitoring, but previous attempts to model these patterns, such as by tracking bank notes, have not provided an accurate picture of individuals' movement.

Hawaii is going to do "voluntary" checkpoints for flu.


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I see that Madame Supari has another brilliant idea – that is, to withhold announcement of bird flu deaths in hopes that it will “improve the image of her nation”, so everyone can “focus on positive steps and achievements made by the government”. Indeed, she is completely out of her mind and a potentially dangerous person because of her unpredictability and disregard for the human health of others.

Actually, her position is no different than some other third world nations who have stifled and manipulated bird flu news and the number of human illnesses in their countries. Lump India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Indonesia, all in the same category: inconsistent bird flu reporting, suppression and denial, all of which is aimed at preserving their poultry economies, tourism bases, and social order.

Supari’s continued rogue behavior and refusal to abide by international WHO health rules, only increases the likelihood that her country will see more avian virus human deaths, AND, that developed countries will proactively make their own vaccines from other sample DNA sources to protect their own citizens first.

Common sense now dictates that no more financial aid of any type should be sent to this nitwit or to her government.

Everyone needs to send a message to Indonesia that they now will be treated as completely irrelevant until they bring themselves into 21st century ethical and moral public health reporting standards, as well as WHO transparency compliance.



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