Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3 Flu Update

A girl in Indonesia is hospitalized with bird flu symptoms.

Experts say human cases have stabilized.

51 people are quarantined in India related to the recent outbreak. (Sounds like an abundance of caution).

300,000 birds later, India ends culling.

The US has ordered more bird flu vaccine from Glaxo.

Ghana says that it is neglect of law that allows flu to spread.

Revere blogs a recent news report that trials are moving ahead on a DNA based vaccine.

A Maine EMA director writes on bird flu.

Allentown, PA has funded its bird flu project.

York PA has some guidelines for personal pandemic prep.

Wyoming is having a pandemic prep summit workshop.

A company in Australia is doing research on bird flu medications.

What if....the bird flu hit Arizona.

Guyana will hold a bird flu simulation next week.


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