Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26 Flu Update

The bird flu outbreak in Manipur, India has everyone's attention. Massive culling, etc.

As India fights the outbreak, timely responses and compensation are contentious issues.

BBC on the Indian culling.

India's OIE report via ProMed.

I could have run a dozen stories on this India thing...but here is another that is interesting...leaves for health workers are canceled. Seems like a strong reaction to a bird outbreak.

CIDRAP reports that people would alter their behavior in a avoiding public transportation....(note, most people I know already avoid public transportation.)

The UN is helping Indonesia prep for bird flu.

ProMed has the story that viruses may be able to re-assort more than only in the winter. Note Mod comment below.

However, it should be remembered that opportunity for reassortment is not the single determining factor in the generation of reassortants with pandemic potential. The reassortant virus must possess a phenotype that will endow it with some selective advantage. As these authors hint, a greater hazard may be the increasing prevalence in Asia of the H5N1 virus in flocks of domestic ducks.


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