Friday, August 03, 2007

August 2 Flu Update

Sorry we are late today.

A new suspected case is reported in Vietnam.

ProMed on Vietnam, and Egypt, where a suspected case is denied.

Farmers losing poultry in India are being compensated through loan forgiveness.

More on the possibility of human infection in India.

Meanwhile, India says the outbreak is contained.

They are working on pandemic flu in York PA.

Pigeons die in UK, sparking bird flu fear.

More from the Philippines PR machine on its success with bird flu.

Could a statin rival Tamiflu?

A training manual to help journalists cover bird flu is available on line.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


I noticed in your first article out of Vietnam about the latest student who has been hospitalized with suspected bird flu, that he “had no contact with poultry”. There’s been a lot of these creepy “non-poultry contact reports” lately from several countries.

Your articles about India point out a very undesirable situation brewing that will backfire on the Indian government and health inspectors, that they should pay attention to: lack of compensation to the farmers for their destroyed chickens and eggs – the farmers will remember this episode and be far less inclined to cooperate next time. It’s all about pretty simple math that most poor people understand and most government officials don’t. Many more additional chickens in various provinces are flopping over dead with each passing day now, so the government might oughta reconsider their compensation approach, or they will have a disaster on their hands.

The one particular article about the four Indian teenagers who have been quarantined and administered Tamiflu, is a little misleading. The Indian government first started out several days ago by putting 334 people (including 171 cullers) under “special observation” and loading them up with Tamiflu. Then it announced today that 51 people in Manipur are actually under “quarantine” and they were also stuffed full of Tamiflu, because they were feeling “unwell” (but note the government would not say whether they had any flu-like symptoms). So, it never has been just a four people problem, it seems to have been much larger. I noticed Egypt uses this same kind of “slight-of-hand” approach in their reporting also.

I guess my point about India, as well as some of these other countries is: once you start stuffing the folks full of Tamiflu like jellybeans, it is almost impossible to get a good readout whether they are, have been, or will be, ill with H5N1. The true diagnosis of these individual has been entirely corrupted, in my opinion. But, here again, this simple approach seems to be our accepted way of justifying “containment” (at least until the virus builds up a substantial resistance and renders the antiviral ineffective).

I noticed in your York Pa. article, that the health officials there are recommending its citizens maintain a full two month emergency supply of food and water, in preparation for the influenza pandemic.

I also have been noticing lately that many other small communities across the US are advising similar increases in emergency pandemic food and water supplies (i.e. increases from the piddling 2-3 days, to a full-up 2-3 months to cover the first “wave” of self quarantine).

This is good. People are starting to get the message.


PS – Didn’t you like my comments yesterday – too political ? If you raise the minimum wage, I can give you much better quality.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Orange said...

No, wulfgang, I publish all your comments. Somehow, I missed that one. Sorry, it is up now! And, of course, the minimum wage is not going to change....


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