Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 24 Flu Update

The potential outbreak in India continues to generate an unusual amount of attention...

results are expected today....

and an isolation ward was set up.

Chickens who died in Southern Vietnam had been vaccinated.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has some bird flu info for hunters online.

Chicago Tribune on new Baxter vaccine research. Note phrase "years away"

The school board in Bethlehem PA has developed an emergency plan.

Four communities won awards for their pandemic plans

The winning plans hail from Multnomah County, Oregon; Northeastern Minnesota; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Northern Virginia. Multnomah County (located in the northwest corner of Oregon) and Scottsdale, Arizona were recognized for their local approach to community planning and integration. Both Northeastern Minnesota and Northern Virginia were recognized for their plans for medical capacity in the event of pandemic influenza.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Your news accounts coming out of India are indeed curious – lots of chickens dying in short order, workers on site and veterinarians being given Tamiflu (as a “matter of abundant caution”), isolation wards being set up, and spray medicines being prepared (whatever that is). Looks like something’s going on.

It all sounds mighty suspicious as suspected HPAI. However, anyone familiar with India knows that it is an extremely bureaucratic country, with innumerable layers of political and government committee apparatuses, all nearly impossible to penetrate. Like Indonesia, it’s impossible for business to bust through the red tape. I would not be surprised if the answer to their tests came back LPAI or Newcastle disease, after the test results are filtered through the government layers.

The most astounding article you posted (in a long time), is the piece from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on their newly approved secret emergency management procedures. Are actually kidding me – “secret emergency procedures” for a school board – and the justification is “ that it contained detailed information on who would be in charge during an incident, what the evacuation routes would be, and how the district would coordinate with law enforcement and other emergency responders” ? Also, their rationale is, “we don’t want that information in the hands of anyone with impure thoughts”. Talk about paranoia.

In my view, nuclear missile plans are secret, national defense and security operations are secret. But not a school district’s emergency disaster and response plan should not be secret.

This is exactly the kind of critical information the taxpayers and citizens in that school district would need to know in a national emergency situation. It could mean life or death.




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