Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17 Flu Update

CIDRAP says that Indonesia claims that a virus sample is on its way to WHO.

Massive culling in Bali.

Australia is assured of no H2H transmission.

The Kohlshand Museum in Atlanta is doing a flu program.

India says one of its regions has no bird flu, and has stopped imports from neighboring countries.

Vietnam claims its Chinese avian vaccines are still effective.

Here's an interesting point. When we go to vaccinate, how will we reach immigrant and other populations? They won't show up at the health department.

More on migratory birds in Europe. Surveillance shows no serious reservoir in birds, there.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


So, coincidentally, a person dies of bird flu on a top dollar “cash cow” tourist island, and Indonesia immediately agrees to sent the H5N1 sample ?

Sounds like a very classic self-serving and supremely hypocritical action on Indonesia’s part, solely to preserve their tourist dollars. By the WHO labs certifying that no H2H transmission occurred, and that the sole cause was infected poultry – Madame Siti gets her way again. Pretty pathetic.

That’s it in a nutshell.

We are busy with “pre-preparations” on the Gulf Coast, getting ready for Cat 4/5 hurricane Dean, which should strike land somewhere between upper Mexico, and the Texas-Louisiana coast line. For most of us who are thoroughly prepared for a pandemic, this exercise in preparation for a hurricane is an absolute “cake walk”, ho-humm.

The message here is about very predictable human behavior: already the stores are sold out of batteries, and most other essential supplies. Most people, of course are totally unprepared for a hurricane of any magnitude, so go figure.

Imagine what the scene would be like, all across America, if a pandemic of any kind emerges – from what I am seeing first hand with this rinky-dink hurricane and how people are reacting, there would be guaranteed absolute 100% chaos and mass hysteria, regardless of what anyone thinks.

The big difference in preparation between the two is that a heck of lot more people would potentially die in a pandemic.



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