Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15 Flu Update

The Bali toddler is negative for bird flu. No signs of cluster.

WHO believes the Bali bird flu can be contained.

Bird flu has hit birds in Northern Vietnam near China.

Playing the role of the Mayor in Jaws, the Indonesian tourist minister says Bali tourism is OK.

According to this report, Indonesia burned some of its pandemic stockpile of vaccine, which is bad news for the world.

Medics in South Africa have been trained to fight the bird flu.

New front on factory farms: could they spread bird flu.

Revere on a truly pandemic-proofed house.

Charlie Rose will do a science series, including the threat of a pandemic.

Critics in Britain say that the nation's pandemic plans are hindered by a lack of clear authority.


At 6:23 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


An interesting but not surprising spin coming out of Bali (top tourist spot) about the two-year old neighbor girl. Did the toddler test negative for the H5N1 virus before or AFTER she was pumped full of Tamiflu I wonder ? But hey, the WHO is confident that “there will be a widespread outbreak there”, so I feel much better about the situation.

Even though experts say the virus has been endemic in Bali’s poultry population since 2003. Just like Indonesia.

And speaking of Indonesia, I’ve done a little more thinking about the H5N1 situation there, and what the real motivation is behind Health Minister Supari’s grandiose plan to start sucking up part of the worlds emergency WHO pre-pandemic avian vaccine reserve, and initiate pre-emptive inoculations on the citizens in September: here’s what I think -

1. The Indo infestation and number of human illnesses are a lot worse than is being reported – no surprise here on this one.

2. Indonesia holds no sense of public health responsibility or human obligation to the world.

3. Early vaccination of its citizens is necessary to give a false sense of health security and control, in order to placate the mounting criticism against her, and allow her to remain employed.

4. She believes the vaccinations will send a political and religious message to the western world and the WHO, who are dominated by powerful Christian Democracies. Never under estimate the zealousness of certain religions.

5. Supari herself is a half-wit, but then, all we have to do is train our eyes on Washington, and who are we to talk?

Finally, I never realized how smart I really am, until I read the two ridiculous articles you posted about factory farms and “Home Sweet Home” by Revere:

The major cause of bird flu around the world is caused by the spread of house flies on factory farms ? Give me a break here, I’m not a genius (more like Forrest Gump I suppose, pushing about a 67 IQ with my GED), but I had a real hard time connecting the dots between factory farms, air pollution and bird flu, in the article. I just couldn’t get the mental rubber bands to stretch.

And the $ 495,000 steel-reinforced house which is for sale in SW Colorado, and dubbed “disaster proof”? It looks more like a man-made concrete cave, with high maintenance, to me.

Truly a paranoid, schizophrenic, neurotic, bi-polar’s, survival dream house.

It’s taken me a long time to get my trailer house paid for (finally took the wheels off and made it permanent this year) – I doubt I could interest my wife Bertha to move and play cave woman.



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