Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 15 Flu Update

Indonesia says it has resumed sending samples to WHO. Helen Branswell on the case, noting that it isn't clear if this is a new practice or merely a gesture, and whether the standoff is resolved.

Poor Countries are demanding access to vaccine at the same time.

Revere weighs in on this, too. He has little patience for the general idea of Indonesia hogging virus.

In Canada, healthcare workers are demanding the same financial protections as fire and police officers...or there might be high absenteeism.

"Protection of health-care workers in the event of a pandemic is not limited to properly-fitted masks and gowns," said Dr. Charles Shaver, president of medical staff at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. "It has to include a firm guarantee of financial protection."

Local story in New Zealand on how local officials were involved in the national pandemic exercise.

Vietnam is reprocessing Tamiflu that is expiring...

Vietnam is extracting Oseltamivir phosphate, active agent of Tamiflu, to reprocess the bird flu medicine, according to local newspaper Youth on Tuesday.

Vietnam is having problems with an Italian avian vaccine as well.

The CDC has partnered with another organization on a pandemic training course that is online.

Dr. Chan made her opening address to the World Health Assembly.

Dawson County, GA, is holding a flu workshop for business.

Nigerian farmers are reportedly close (finally) to getting paid for their lost birds.

A Canadian Red Cross official is taking an International position in pandemic flu.

An International program has been launched to help the world's poorest farmers.