Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 22 Flu Update

On the vaccine front, with WHO warnings of more flu problems, China is preparing to vaccinate 23 to 25 million people.

A boy who died September 18 in Indonesia is said to have died of bird flu.

Indiana health officials say that due to poor immune systems and even poorer hygiene ;) children are more susceptible to bird flu than adults.

Farmers in the US will be fully compensated if they participate in programs to prevent the flu from spreading--ie culling.

With flu in the Sudan, other nations are now on alert.

Lee County, FL, did went through a flu exercise.

The World Bank has approved $13M for fighting bird flu in the West Bank and Gaza.

Cheshire, UK, is reminded that the bird flu could be catastrophic.

Navajos in Arizona are preparing for the bird flu.

An additional tribe in the Dakotas remembers its brush with the bird flu.

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia had a joint flu conference.

Newport AR also did some flu planning.


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