Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20 Flu Update

The CDC's bird flu czar says the International community is not bearing its share of the burden of the bird flu fight.

The USAID administrator begs to differ, and he employs facts.

Secretary Leavitt responds, too.

More on the potential existence of mild flu cases--and a lower death rate.

WHO apparently disagrees about the retrospective cases in Indonesia.

France is sponsoring $7.6M in research on flu monitoring and detection in Vietnam.

Japan is also sponsoring a similar project.

Apparently, there are claims of bird flu cases in Iraq, which are being denied.

Weymouth, MA, is planning for the flu, including quarantines.

The Liberian government is also planning to fight the bird flu.

Lawrenceville, GA, is emphasizing the "simple" steps in fighting the bird flu.

The best advice for the flu is to "be prepared"--Ft. Wayne, IN.

Labor Union in Canada says that front line health workers have to be included in pandemic preparedness planning.

We ran a story recently from the Wall Street Journal about how flu is competing at WHO with TB, AIDS, for attention and resources. Revere responds with ample evidence that while the flu threat might be perceived to be receeding, it could be seen to be getting worse.


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