Sunday, October 29, 2006

October 28 Flu Update

In Asbury Park, NJ, officials are comparing notes on the bird flu.

ProMed on the ostriches in Zimbabwe said to have bird flu. Note mod comment seeking confirmation.

USDA surveillance in Ohio reveals no bird flu among migratory birds.

CT has a pandemic awareness site.

Progressive college students blog the flu, with myspace style irreverence.

Recombinomics seeks more evidence, but says flu recombining predictably.


At 10:35 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Well, I can't resist commenting on the students there at the "Progressive" college website who are poking fun and lampooning pandemic planning efforts. While this is a free and democratic society, they are certainly entitled to their opinion... however... they may not be the progressive thinkers they think they are. Had they even glanced at the Effective Measure article on Pregnancy and Influenza Planning - as the letter from Philip Mortimer of the U.K's Health Protection Agency for the CDC journal "Emerging Infectious Deseases" points out, there not only is an increased risk for pregnant women (via altered immune systems) during an influenza epidemic, but a characteristic of the pandemic years as compared to interpandemic years, shows a marked shift of the age distribution of cases to younger age groups, particulary young adults.

One could say that the students at Progressive better hope that a pandemic similar to 1918 never occurs in the U.S., or they could be prime candidates for the limited number of ventilator machines. Hopefully, these college students will suppress their recessive brain cells and realize that complacency and apathy on this subject, could be really, really, really hazardous to their health.


At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Patrick said...

Wulfgang,try not to let kids with childess minsets are going to say and think in that manner.I don't condone what they are saying or doing at all.Its' alittle ironic,they are in college & suppose to be so smart & act accordingly,yet they don't even realize at their age that ignorance is the most abundent resource thing in the world!Take care and GBU.


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