Saturday, January 28, 2006

January 28 Flu Update

As always, the first test of the Romanian woman who died of bird flu is negative. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, with the second death in Iraq tests are being conducted by WHO in Britain.

ProMed on Iraq and Romania.

Recombinomics with a strongly worded piece on the Iraq case, and the state of play throughout the Middle East.

Calling conditions "ideal" for a flu outbreaks, a coalition of groups is banding together to watch for the flu in Burma.

Another strongly worded flu warning from the Scotsman, perhaps the world's most jittery publication when it comes to the flu.

Flu prep is underway in Antigua.

In Davos, flu vaccine companies have promised to triple production capacity, in a few years.

Also in Davos, David Nabarro reminded the assembled that a lower virulence in Turkey was not a reason to let the world's collective guard down.

WHO was travelling in Jakarta, and advised the poultry markets be cleaned up.

Stanford is beginning to test for the bird flu.

Continuing story on the monitoring of migratory birds.

Volunteers are sought for US bird flu vaccine trials.

A Canadian website is selling Tamiflu without a script.

Effect Measure on the Pittsburgh vaccine. As usual, things may not be as big as media reports are. According to Revere, several similar efforts are underway, and mice are easy to protect. He pledges to read the paper and report soon.

In Saudia Arabia, Falcons with H5 are being culled.


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