Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 24 Flu Update

Turkey says everyone with bird flu is getting better and being discharged, and is looking to declare the crisis over.

Austria is suggesting that the EU maintain a centralized crisis stash of Tamiflu to help stamp out any outbreaks.

Voice of America on a US computer database at Los Alamos that is being used to fight bird flu.

Citing the containment plan, a WHO official says that Asian countries need to be more prompt reporting bird flu cases.

Russian story on possible spread of flu there from China and Turkey. Of course, its already there....

UN FAO warns that Afghanistan says that country is at high risk for bird flu.

On a similar note, Nepal is preparing for protecting its poultry.

Dutch farmers are considering not vaccinating their birds if it will keep them from being exported...something which could become a common problem in the near future.

The League of Arab States is going to have a bird flu meeting.

Taiwan is apparently afraid that its diplomatic isolation would hurt it during a flu pandemic, but the US assured Taiwan they would be right behind them if it happened.

An even more cruel sign of what a pandemic could do...a medical journal contains guidelines for prioritizing access to mechanical ventilators.

Bronx Zoo vet talks about his trip to Russia to study bird flu outbreaks.

To get ready, Portugal is building a flu vaccine production facility. When the vaccine is ready, they'll start cranking it out.

Study in Vietnam says 80% of birds vaccinated developed some immunity to bird flu.

WaTimes carries a column with the party line of the BioTech industry.

Roche says that it is shipping Tamiflu all over the world.

I told you a couple days ago the WHO Fact Sheet was important reading. CIDRAP has an analysis of it.

Effect Measure summarizes--and copiously links--a debate from other blogs on whether bird flu is crying wolf.


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