Saturday, January 28, 2006

January 27 Flu Update

CIDRAP on WHO releasing its latest version of the "containment" plan. Must read.

Indeed, many disease experts are skeptical that stopping an emerging pandemic is possible, given the weak public health and disease surveillance systems in many of the countries hardest hit by H5N1 avian flu, where a pandemic is considered most likely to start. Skeptics also cite the lack of a vaccine and scant supplies of antiviral drugs.

But the WHO document says the attempt should be made, because it could save millions of lives and prevent economic and social disruption.

"Even if containment efforts ultimately fail to stop the emergence of a fully fit pandemic virus, these efforts could slow the initial spread of the pandemic and give countries time to increase preparedness," the draft states.

"Each day gained following the emergence of a pandemic virus—if rapidly detected—allows the production of around 5 million doses of a pandemic vaccine. Each added day gives countries more time to adapt routine health services to an emergency situation."

Here's the link to the .pdf of the actual plan.

New York State is making its bird flu plans.

CIDRAP on the deaths reported yesterday.

Public health or protectionism...US Sen Tom Harkin calls for meat not to be imported from China due to bird flu.

David Nabarro notes that the flu in Turkey is less lethal than in Asia...(my note: I don't think you can draw that conclusion. What if there are more known cases in the denominator?)

WHO says Indonesia is vulnerable to the bird flu.

In the least shcoking news of the day, N. Korea denies bird flu report from there.

In Hong Kong, 13 people are under surveillance when there was a dead bird in their village suspected of H5.

Russia is preparing a "resolution" on the bird flu--says it has been well received in the EU.

Synbiotics says its test has received USDA approval.

Japanese paper says Tamiflu has a death rate of 24.

More on 2 major human vaccine trials beginning.

Effect Measure on the evidence of the flu spreading, including yesterday's Turkish Cyprus report, and a new report from Azerbaijan.

Recombinomics on Cyprus.

ProMed with a multi-country update.

ProMed with the latest about wild birds--and what can you do about poultry?

Crofsblogs on Davos, where apparently the media was blamed for inciting panic. Surprised bloggers didn't get the blame.

Crofsblogs on the first bird case in Georgia.


At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Each added day gives countries more time to adapt routine HEALTH SERVICES" - now, what about the rest of the basic services and so on? Is that something we should or should we not worry about?

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Orange said...

I guess the short answer is yes. I think that the comments of Dr. Osterholm (and the results of Katrina) and other have shown us that its not all health service, though that matters. We need to look at our entire need structure.


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