Monday, January 23, 2006

January 23 Flu Update

Program note: tune in to Oprah tomorrow.

A note from CIDRAP: Our center's director, Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, will be the featured guest on the Oprah television show tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24), which is devoted to the topic of avian/pandemic flu. Originally the topic was to be covered in a segment of a program that also included other topics of import. However, during the taping last week, Ms. Winfrey decided it demanded the entire hour. See for more information.

Ironic: WHO is being forced to defend their assessment of the flu pandemic---as being an over-exaggeration. They've certainly heard differently on the flu blogs over time.

Meanwhile, in China, the 10th reported case was announced today. The victim is a 29F. Here's her story.

The woman, surnamed Cao, ran a dry goods shop in a farm goods market in Jinhua Town in Sichuan Province, a notice on the ministry's web site said.
CIDRAP on the 10th case in China.

Mod comments totals it all up in China.

Recombinomics says the family cluster in Turkey is growing.

Turkey notes that in general the health of the patients in Turkey is getting better.

The cull count in Turkey is at 1.28M.

The IMF says bird flu has not hit the Turkish economy...noting the relatively small number of cases.

A US delegation in Turkey praised flu control efforts there.

Sf Chronicle looks at the scare in Europe with the feared French case.

The Russsians say that there are new flu cases among people returning from Mecca.

Furthermore, they say they have no cases in the country at all.

Reuters writes that the flu in Turkey preyed on a town heavy with poverty.

Report from the WHO Executive Board meeting, which included discussion of pandemics.

WHO situation update confirms two deaths in Indonesia, noting large poultry outbreak in the family's neighborhood.

Iraq is preparing a bird flu prevention program.

In Vietnam, reports are very positive on the bird vaccination program.

ProMed has this report on the Crimea, where a new outbreak shows circumstantial evidence of migratory birds spreading the flu (based on mod comment).

Two suspected, but unconfirmed cases of flu in Cyprus. ProMed reports.

ProMed surveys the news in Turkey.


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