Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August 30 Flu Update

Nature's Power...

CIDRAP says bird flu confirmed in Mongolia, ruled out in Finland.

Recombinomics isn't convinced on Finland, yet, noting that similarity between the dead birds there and the dead birds elsewhere.

In Poland, the government is calling on the EU to support the Russian bird flu efforts.

US officials are in Alaska, checking migratory birds for signs of bird flu...thinking that geographically, that could be this continent's point of entry.

There is a new region hit by bird flu in the Urals.

Vietnam confirms that the three civets died of bird flu.

VOA says that the US is continuing the race against the virus.

Nervous UK farmers continue to seek reassurance that the government won't implement strong bird regulations, as in Holland.

France has been strengthening the bird flu defenses, sound alarm for others.

Recombinomics notes additional evidence of recombination in the results from Mongolia.

You will have noted our ongoing debates from ProMed on the migratory bird theory. Recombinomics talks about the evidence of the migratory birds spreading the flu.

ProMed on the reports from Russia about the spread of the bird flu.

ProMed on Finland and LPAI.

Avian Flu blog has some information on a bird vaccination program starting in Vietnam.


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