Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 24 Flu Update

Today's biggest news--and most shocking news--is the revelation that the Department of Homeland Security will lead the bird flu fight in the US, and not HHS.

Effect Measure expresses dismay on this better than I can.

Roche has donated enough Tamiflu for 3 million people, and will form the cornerstone of WHO's modelling-based containment strategy.

CIDRAP has this story as well.

Reports on the ground in Russia say that the bird flu is present in 45 villages with unclear reports from 75 others.

FAO says that the spread of bird flu West shows that the International Community must step forward with more support of bird flu containment efforts.

The UK continues to examine options, including pigs this time.

There's another part of Siberia with confirmed wild bird flu.

The Altai Territory in Siberia begins vaccination regime for birds.

Recombinomics has Altai as well.

The Financial Times pokes holes in any "fortress England" mentality that might exist.

Still, even if Europe’s poultry industry emerges relatively unscathed in the months ahead and no human cases are detected, Europeans can ill afford complacency. As long as the virus remains entrenched in Asia and circulates through other regions with poor public health systems, the risk remains that the virus will trigger a human pandemic, which some estimate would reach across the globe within four months.

Although only a handful of new human bird flu cases have been reported in Asia in recent months, the WHO expects an upturn in the numbers as the weather cools.

IHT on Europe alert for flu.

VOA says WHO is stepping up bird flu preperations.

New Hampshire public radio has this on a legislative briefing in that state on bird flu prep.

The Government of India has announced bird flu protection measures.

Recombinomics on the ongoing reporting from Russia and the vicinity.

Effect Measure on planning in the EU...and the US.

Recombinomics on the scandal of poor surveillance in Asia over the last year.

ProMed gathers the news on EU planning.

A couple of days we linked to a ProMed comment that called for data, saying that "dead birds don't migrate." The poster challenged anyone to find a healthy wild bird shedding virus. Here, the thread continues in support of that proposition.


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