Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 23 Flu Update

Bird flu was confirmed in seven nothern Kazakh villages and threatens the western part of the nation, according to a health expert there.

Recombinomics comments on this story.

Reuters says projections show no windfall profits for flu vaccine makers. Why?

Industry analysts believe production constraints and laborious manufacturing procedures will curtail revenues for the foreseeable future.
It sounds like financial analysts are ahead of many in the MSM.

In Britain, famers are meeting with the government to urge that the decision not to adopt Dutch protections be maintained in the future.

The Financial Times has the same story.

On the other hand, the EU is meeting to look over the Dutch requirements and see if they have merit for the continent.

Russian regions are kicking up the bird flu fight.

The European Commission says Russia has the situation under control, and there risk of spread to other countries is considerably low.

Additional bird flu deaths among birds are reported in Russia.

There starting human trials in Hungary.

WaPo has Robert Webster, the "hero" of the new vaccine, who it says is the man who developed the theory that flu came from birds.

The Salt Lake Tribune profiles Margaret Chan, who is the new leader of the fight against pandemic influenza at WHO.

Austria has a story on the bird flu spread.

Reuters has this on Dutch and Swiss researchers who say mallards carry several kinds of avian flu, and could be used to track the disease.

Recombinomics notes, for those who think the situation on the ground is stabilized in Russia, that migratory bird season is coming.

Recombinomics on a machine translation of a bird flu report in Sverdlovsk, and what it might mean if true.

Crofsblog has this from the Detroit News. He notes it is basically nothing new, though it says, unsourced, that British researchers found avian flu in the spinal column of a young boy from Vietnam, which is interesting.

Excellent find by Avian Flu: What we need to know. The journal article studies the health effects of people who were in utero during the Spanish Flu, and its not good. The ultimate question is, when is a pandemic really over.

Here's a post on the new study, with more information.

The (Toledo) Blade ran this editorial, perhaps pushing the limits of MSM vaccine enthusiasm. Check this:

Americans owe huge appreciation to Dr. Fauci, his staff, and associates. They have done a fantastic job in creating a successful vaccine we may all depend on and in setting out steps leading to its distribution. They show American science at its best.
I found this on a map blog, purely by chance. Its a map which places the spread of influenza against areas of dense bird and pig production. Interesting, though not easy to digest.


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