Sunday, August 21, 2005

August 20 Flu Update

Reuters has the news from Siberia that the bird flu has struck a large commercial poultry farm. The article claims that previous outbreaks were at subsistence farms, and not part of the national food supply network.

In Australia, they are prepared to close all ports if the flu strikes.

The Airport in Rome is beginning to examine travellers from flu-afflicted countries. Hint to travellers: don't cough.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a strong warning in an editorial to move on the bird flu.

Nature gives no warning to many of the natural disasters that kill and injure thousands of people worldwide every year. The tsunami that last December killed 175,000 to 225,000 people showed up only hours before as a rumbling on the ocean floor. Even a killer virus like the one that causes AIDS comes to infect humans only rarely.

With influenza, science experts, public health officials and the world's leaders get months, sometimes years of warning that death is lurking among this most common of microbes. We should heed the warning we have been given.

The Financial Times of Bombay says bird flu is a crisis waiting to explode.

The Telegraph (UK) has this on the approaching flu pandemic. (thanks to Crofsblog).

Yesterday, we noted the WHO raining on the vaccine parade. Here's the actual document in .pdf.


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