Monday, August 15, 2005

August 15 Flu Update

News from Moscow tracks the spread of flu west in Russia into a sixth region, now in the Ural mountains.

The Russians also say the sick journalist actually had a common respiratory infection.

CIDRAP writes on Russia as well.

A Russian physician says that migratory patterns of birds would predict flu spreading to the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea by Fall.

Nepal is mobilizing bird flu detection and prevention experts.

The Financial Times says Chiron is calling for immediate deployment of a "promising" flu vaccine.

The Lancet says its in favor of contingency plans. Also recommends stockpiling Relenza along with Tamiflu, says its cheaper and less likely to become resistant.

A DHHS official is in Vietnam to strengthen bird flu cooperation.

Roche says that the recommendation to use Relenza will not effect is financial position.

Yesterday we covered the "Manhattan Project" speech from Senator Frist. Recombinomics reviews the speech.
Recombinomics on the further spread in Russia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an editorial that refers to the US response to the flu as "passive." Effect Measure comments.

The comments on Effect Measure are good as always.

Interesting post from ProMed. It has an on-the-ground report from Jakarta that ProMed says "closes" the case of how the family of three was infected there. The quesion is if it was bird droppings, why did only three people get sick? The hypothesis is that there is varied genetic susceptibility among people, and shared in the Jakarta family that got ill. The post also claims that an increased susceptibility among Vietnemese people is "apparent."

ProMed with a summary on the Russia news.

Crofsblogs has this that says that the China pig story (remember that!) has conflicting news on whether the disease is a pig bacteria or not.


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