Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August 2 Flu Update

Here is a Russian source saying scientists have confirmed that the bird flu in Siberia came from Southeast Asia.

The same source calls for a Russian program against the bird flu.

The regional Governor in Russia is ordering a massive culling of birds.

Moscow Times has this story as well.

India is growing increasingly nervous about bird flu , and is making plans.

A British company says it has the answer for a human vaccine--quick, adaptable, and scaleable.

From Kazakhstan, more news on sick birds.

HHS Secretary Leavitt was on CBS Early Show yesterday, where he struck a reassuring tone.

Indonesia thinks bird flu won't hurt tourism.

At a National Consultation meeting in India, they are talking surveillance.

CIDRAP on the confounding disease outbreak in China, citing experts who doubt the official story. The Chinese claim they have sequenced the infection source.

Official WHO press release cited in CIDRAP story.

Recombinomics says Chinese stonewalling is exporting the flu pandemic.
Recombinomics tracks the March of the flu through Russia.

Effect Measure critques a story on a public health planning session in Northern Colorado. It isn't pretty.

ProMed sorts out confusion over whether there had ever been bird flu in Russia before.

ProMed with more on Siberia. Note the mod comment that there has been no official confirmation of the N5N1 in Siberia.

Crofsblogs has this link, to a manual on preparing for the pandemic. Its called the "Coming Pandemic"

Slate did an article on bird flu blogs, spurred by the WaPo story. Its cited in yesterday's comments as well.

Crofsblogs has a commentary on the whole subject, which is worth a read.

This has made me reflect on something I learned in US Army basic training 42 years ago: The recruit who's a day ahead of you thinks your ignorance makes you a total jerk, and the recruit who's two weeks ahead of both of you knows you're both jerks.

But in the army you could abuse the newbies with a clear conscience. Those of us who are a week or two further along in our pandemic education can't afford to put on airs. We just need to bring the Instapundits up to speed as fast as possible: "Thank God you're here! Here's the situation—what can you do to help?"
The Guardian with the effect of the bird flu in local areas.


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