Friday, July 29, 2005

July 30 Flu Update--this is a big news day.

The Washington Post is reporting that the flu found in Siberia is H5N1, despite earlier Russian denials.

The Daily Mail adds its take to the Russian admission.

And a Russian version.

And, finally, ProMed

In Indonesia, people are wondering if the country is slaughtering pigs, which represent a minor industry, in order to protect poultry--a major industry.

Pig farmers are not the only ones scratching their heads. International experts are bewildered as well. They say there is no evidence pigs have been infected with avian flu despite the government's insistence that the animals are contributing to the recent outbreak in Indonesia, the world's most populous Islamic country.

Critics say the government is going after pigs because they are an easy target and may divert attention away from fears about the infection in poultry, a staple food for millions of people throughout the country.

The two dead in Vietnam we reported yesterday is now being reported more widely.

Washington Post on Vietnam.

The Jakarta Post notes different regions in that country are handling the flu differently.

The Post also has a story on hospitals preparing for bird flu patients.

The Saturday Evening Post (which I did not even know still existed) has this article on how lawsuits killed the capacity for vaccine response to the pandemic.

In Malaysia, ministers are noting the importance of a pandemic preparedness plan.

WHO has a situation update on a second confirmed case in Indonesia. This is the 8-year old daughter of the man previously confirmed. You will recall the chickenshit theory that Indonesia brought forward. WHO writes as follows.

Extensive epidemiological and environmental studies are ongoing around this family cluster. The Minister of Agriculture stated that laboratory results detected H5-infected bird faeces in a bird cage opposite side of the road of the family's house; cloacal and throat swabs of the pet bird inside the cage were negative for H5. This is the first, and, thus far, the only, indication of a possible source of exposure. Other environmental sampling was negative.

The Ministry of Health is continuing to monitor over 300 contacts. None of the contacts have shown any symptoms to date. Seroprevalence results are still pending. Surveillance has been intensified in affected areas and throughout the country. Forty-four referral hospitals have been identified and are being prepared to receive possible cases. Health education campaigns are being conducted nationwide.

ProMed also has this story. Note the mod comment that she was the initial case, and that there is no known route of exposure.

Recombinomics on this story as well. Its odd--the pet bird was caged....never went outside.

CIDRAP on Russia and Vietnam.

Recombinomics on the two new deaths in Vietnam.

Promed on Vietnam.

Recombinomics writes on the China situation, with boxun translations of case reports. He continues to assert that the rampant illness is not being caused bacteria.

Recombinomics says the Chinese continue to stonewall.

ProMed has conflicting news from Japan.

Nature writes on a study that seems to support the recombination theory of flu genes, based on a recent study.

Crofsblogs located this human interest story on the economic toll in China to pig farmers.

Wrapping up, Effect Measure surveys the entire landscape. Four countries, four sets of troubling news today. Re: China, he notes that while the 1918 flu did present with symptoms similar to what is being seeing in China, there should still be predominantly respiratory symptoms in a flu outbreak, and those are not being reported. This is a must read.

Comments to this post are a must read, too. Includes reference to the flubola theory.


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