Monday, August 01, 2005

August 1

August begins with bird flu crossing into Kazakhstan with a human case.

Recombinomics on the Kazakhstan story--and what it might say about China.

Effect Measure on Kazakhstan, and what it means for Europe.

ProMed on Kazakhstan. Note this:

From an unofficial source in the vicinity of Golubovka, we have been
informed that 300 ducks and geese died there by Fri 29 Jul 2005, while
diagnosis was pending.


If confirmed, this will signal a dramatic extension of the range of avian
influenza virus capable of infecting humans. All previous human cases of
avian influenza have been reported from East and South Asia -- Cambodia,
Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam -- countries remote from the Pavlodar
region of Kazakhstan.

The Chicago Tribune on Siberia.

The Washington Post did this story on a potential pandemic that was picked up around the country. Its nothing new to anyone following the flu news.

Effect Measure with a nice critique built off the WaPo story. As many have written, once the pandemic happens, we'll have congressional hearings on top of congressional hearings to find out why we didn't do anything.

Indonesia was ready to say it was bird flu free a few weeks ago--not they only hope to reach that by 2007.

Vietnam is beginning again to vaccinate birds.

Australia continues to be justifiably nervous.

I have said before that the flu virus finds our weaknesses. Its if a World War that puts people in crowded trains, so be it. If its a withering public health system, as noted here in California, the flu will expose it.

The Rocky Mountain News editorializes on the pandemic.

Effect Measure on mixed messags coming from Indonesia.

Via Crofsblogs, the Chinese are confident of defeating their swine bacteria problem.

Also via Crofslblog, the Chinese have banned journalists from the site of the "swine bacteria."

Crofsblog has surveyed the landscape and found a shortage of MSM news on bird flu.

Instapundit (also via crofsblog, who was busy yesterday) notes the WaPo article and urges concern, though I think he mistakes the fact that 1918 flu was aggrevated by TB.


At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it rather irritating that Slate makes no mention nor reference to the bird flu sites that might actually help people learn more about and deal with the bird flu news, such as this site,,,, or promed. They've ignored some of the best sources of information, imho, in favor of some better known general bloggers who I regard as 'johnny come lately's' to the 'flu blog' world.

Its also irritating that there's no way to write the author of that post to tell them about the omissions.

At 11:01 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Thanks. This is the article anonymous is referring to:

I appreciate your comments. Generally, the media has gotten it right, but you have nailed it--none of us who have been here week after week were mentioned.

I appreciate people reading and commenting. I started this because I was interested, and I'm glad people find the blog informative.


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