Tuesday, July 26, 2005

July 26 Flu Update

Here's official confirmation of the dead egrets Recombinomics reported.

In Jakarta, they are asking for people who are sick with flu-like symptoms to report to a hospital for examination.

Forbes on the Chinese denials of flu or SARS in Sichuan.

A Russian news source says four new rural Siberian regions have outbreaks among birds. The article sounds like the outbreaks are H5N1, but I believe the public position is that it is H5n2.

CIDRAP weighs in on this, noting that a prominent scientist in Russia says the "N" part of the virus in Siberia has not been identified.

Crofsblogs, with help from Declan, has news on a flu conference in San Francisco.

Declan Butler at Nature has this must-read on China--thanks again to Crofsblogs.

Here's the post directly on this item.

Reuters says they are checking two people for bird flu, even though they are sure they have typhoid.

CIDRAP summarizes the situation in Jakarta.

Recombinomics on Jakarta...

and more on Indonesia....

More from the Jakarta Post, which details the economic impact of the discovery of bird flu there. Just think of it as a microcosm.

Canada says it is as ready as it is going to be.

In Malta, private doctors are preparing for the bird flu's effect on their practice.

The Times of London has an op-ed piece from a physician which is rational and well-written, though nothing new.

The mystery in China continues. Recombinomics reports that boxun says it is ebola, and this report dubiously claims strep.

Effect Measure looks at recent statements by Roche, in which they cloke their production capacity in confidentiality.


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