Thursday, July 21, 2005

July 22 Flu Update

The unstoppable flu continues. There are now sick birds in Russia. BBC reports.

Somewhat humorously, the Russian government is demanding answers as to who let the bird flu in.

Recombinomics says there has been bird flu in Siberia before.

Indonesia is "on alert"...

...which they should be, given that 21 provinces have been found to have bird flu.

CIDRAP notes that WHO is saying that only one of the Indonesian cases is H5N1.

Official WHO release...

The Daily Mail (UK) notes flu as serious a threat as terrorism--Expert in the story is predicting 50% infection rate, 30% fatality, for a grand total of 1 billion deaths. Given that the Spanish Flu only had a 2-3% fatality rate, 30% would seem a little high.

In Australia, officials are taking the presence of flu in Australia in stride.

The SF Chronicle editorializes on pandemic planning, calling for early detection.

The Economist, the world's greatest magazine, covers the Indonesia development.

The Scotsman notes that health care workers are in the front of the "queue" for vaccine.

Crofsblog notes that the headline in the Scotsman story was badly misleading.

Roche says 25 countries have placed Tamiflu orders--30 months or its free.


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