Wednesday, July 20, 2005

July 21 Flu Update

The news is in from Indonesia. The three deaths are confirmed bird flu.

Recombinomics follows up on this story... does CIDRAP

and ProMed.

Recombinomimcs says that the pattern is the same in each country, and that WHO's pandemic level 3 is too low. notes that while governments continue to protest that the bird flu is under control, it is crossing borders often.

Bird Flu found in Chinese frozen duck meat from two years ago.

UK is stocking up on 2 million flu vaccines

Another story on Vietnam inoculating chickens.

Medindia says flu is more contagious, more dangerous.

Roche had a good quarter financially.

Work began today on the new vaccine plant in Pennsylvania.

There's a report of talks between Roche and the US Government on Tamiflu.

US News and World Report on what the US vaccine distribution plan really means--"rationing"

Thailand says there's no need to vaccinate its fowl---the flu is "controllable"

Recombinomics on the flu strains on the loose, and some interesting duck data.

CIDRAP has the WHO story--no change to the official H5N1 vaccine.

Effect Measure runs a letter from the man who invented the culling machine.


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous stephanie said...

Just want to thank you, Orange, for posting all of this every day. You do a great job at collating and summarizing the news each day.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Watchdog316 said...

Orange; MSNBC reported that the death toll is now 57. I noticed your site is substantially lower than that. Do you have an update on this.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Orange said...

Stephanie, thanks for the comments. I really enjoy that people are reading and showing appreciation for the work I do. I'm having a good time working on it...

Watchdog, I will clarify the toll I am using on the site. My count is intended to cover the cases from December 2004 to now, and the 27 number is the current total, assuming all three Indonesian cases are H5N1 positive.

Thanks for reading.


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