Wednesday, June 15, 2005

June 15 Flu Update--The Flu Finds a New Home

CIDRAP has today's lead story--human cases confirmed in Indonesia and six new cases in Vietnam.

Effect Measure on the same topic.

Washington Post on the Indonesian case.

Here's the original report from Vietnam.

Recombinomics on the new cases in North Vietnam, noting as did Revere, that this shows the spread of the mild, pandemic causing version. Also, probably means the case count is off.

Recomobinomics on the new case in Indonesia.

Next, Recombinomics says that there is a pneumonia cluster reported in China, but they're acting like it might be something else again.

ProMed on Indonesida.

ProMed on Vietnam.

The Phillipines are strengthening bird flu defenses in order to protect a small windfall they've experienced due to bird flu in other countries.

They are preparing for the flu in Naples, Florida.

The Scotman says the keep to stopping the flu is to share information.

H5N1 on the preperations in Vermont.

On a personal note, AvianFlu has a scan here of a story in Investor's Business Daily on flu blogs that mentions this sight, among others.


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