Monday, May 23, 2005

May 23 Flu Update

Time Magazine on the bird flu "picking a genetic lock."

Malaysia says its bird flu free.

Australian Green says nation not ready for flu pandemic.

CIDRAP writes on the new death in Vietnam, and infected geese in China.

Effect Measure on bird flu inaction...

If this were intelligence regarding a possible terrorist action we would be on Red Alert. Yet there is still no visible action from the US CDC or most state health authorities. This must now be counted a national scandal.

Recombinomics says the only question left is whether the pandemic is stage 5 or the final state 6.

Recombinomics has tracked the dead Chinese geese back to India, where he says that a meningitis outbreak in early May might be flu related, and signal a spreading flu pandemic.

Recombinomics on the mixing of migratory birds in Asia.

Recombinomics talks about reports of additional large numbers of dead geese.

ProMed Mail on the Chinese situation.


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