Wednesday, May 25, 2005

May 25 Flu Update

Today's lead story was dug up by Recomibinomics. Unconfirmed reports say there have been human cases of bird flu in the areas of China where the fowl died over the past month or so. If so, this would be big news.

Here's the ProMed source report.

China denies human cases.

Reuters answers the question, "what is bird flu."

In Hawaii, they are planning to screen air travellers at the airport for flu.

The United Arab Emiratse says its flu-safe.

In New Zealand, they are concerned about palm kernals bringing bird flu, and critical of national biosecurity plans. on the WHO bird flu pronouncements

National Geographic on the WHO bird flu threat

Experts say China is "dismally" unprepared for bird flu.

CIDRAP says there were multiple species of birds dead in China.

Nature magazine has an entire issue devoted to the avian flu...subscription required.

Here's the cover....

Effect Measure on the Nature issue.

There are confirmations of flu in swine in Indonesia...Recombinomics tells.

Recombinomics on genetic recombination and some recent data released.

Recombinomics wondering whether a death from eating wild boar could be Influenza A.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger jerseycityjoan said...

Articles on flu in Nature special issue available to all:

Effect Measure also mentioned this Nature special issue; Revere mentioned that the flu articles could be accessed by nonsubcribers. I checked it out and found that eight items from the current issue are marked "Free Access."


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