Monday, April 04, 2005

April 4 Opening Day Flu Update

WHO confirms the Haiphong Five

WHO says 5% of flu funds should be saved for bird flu.

CIDRAP on the new case and the WHO report.

CIDRAP on HHS funding cell-based vaccine development.

Bird flu has cost Asia $8M-$12M.

Woman in Vietnam has bird flu, likely to survive.

Bird flu victim (5M) discharged...first case in Central Vietnam.

Banks in Hong Kong warning about the costs of bird flu.

CDC with an outbreak update.

Effect Measure covers the waterfront. Questions whether Bush administration actions, like those of Kim Il Sung, mean it must be REALLY bad.

Promed/Sgt. Friday on today's news.


At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Bill+ said...

Human to human transmission?


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