Thursday, April 21, 2005

April 20 Flu Update

Cambodian woman dies of bird flu.

South Korea to send bird flu kits to North Korea--even the trading route has been identified.

Canada to begin vaccine trials.

ASEAN delegates have pledged "closer cooperation" on bird flu.

WHO expresses fresh concern over spread of bird flu.

Thailand places funds behind bird flu vaccine production.

CIDRAP on the H2N2 virus in the labs--WHO says it has found all the doses.

CIDRAP commenting on yesterday's news that Vietnam is tightening bird flu restrictions.

CBC has a similar story that says that only one set has yet to be destroyed.

Recombinomics on the new fatality in Cambodia.

Effect Measure on what recent news in Vietnam means--and updates that include the death of the Cambodian woman.

ProMed Mail on the Cambodian death.

ProMed on yesterday's Vietnam developments.


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