Wednesday, April 13, 2005

April 13 Flu Update

The world is laughing at the 1957 flu virus debacle. It was the lead story on--at least--the ABC Evening News last night. Here's some more.

The world continues its shock as public health professionals attempt to reintroduce a deadly flu virus into the population.

WHO's official response to the debacle.

CIDRAP on the company's explanation for the screw up.

Recombinomics on the screw up.

ProMed writes about the distribution of live virus.

Study shows 71 percent of ducks in Mekong Delta have bird flu, obviously a stunning number.

CIDRAP comments on the infected poultry.

ProMed on the infected poultry. Note the comments section that says that there appers to be an internal debate in Vietnam between culling and vaccinating.

Washington Post on the Asian cultural practices that encourage bird flu, like cockfighting.

Effect Measure found an odd little post
where a blogger tracked his flu symptoms. Nice discussion of the phsyiological triggering and function of a fever.

ProMed posts an interesting query. Does the emergence of the flu in pigs mean that pigs were fed culled chickens?


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