Wednesday, April 13, 2005

April 12 Flu Update--Update

When I did the update this morning, I underestimated how big this first story is. Its been the second most widely emailed story on Yahoo! Read carefully, following up tomorrow.

Effect Measure on lab screw up that could reintroduce the 1957 virus to a largely naive population

The Rest of the news is also interesting and compelling today:

WHO releases new pandemic plan, replaces 1999 plan. CIDRAP summarizes...

WHO's press release on the new plan.

And a .pdf of the actual plan.

WHO update on Cambodia.

CIDRAP on the possibility of asymptomatic ducks in Cambodia.

EU plans bird flu emergency fund.

Vietnemese News Agency Cites French Vet as "expert" who says no flu in pigs, no human-human transmission.

Nobel scientists warns on bird flu.

EU speech on bird flu which, I guess, is slated for 14 April delivery.

Physician from Canadian Medical Association says that rich countries should pool funds to fight bird flu in Asia, and stop its spread.

Trust for America's Health report says US flu pandemic planning is falling short.

Effect Measure reports on the 1,000s of sick children in Ho Chi Minh City from yesterday, notes that news source also reported the 195 cases earlier that may have been overblown.


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