Sunday, April 10, 2005

April 10 Flu Update

A slow Sunday, as usual.

Recombinomics on the radio silence from Vietnam on data and what it might mean if you read between the lines.

Cambodia has a fourth fatal case.

ProMed on Cambodia.


At 1:37 AM, Blogger GoodDeed said...

The quiet must mean the smoking lamp is now lit, all's at low risk.

It's quite the opposite. The damage has imo deadened the newsreporter's ability to see newsworthiness in most stories...same ole' same ole'.

When what I endearlingly term the flying pig is identified with H5N1 in Indonesia, there's a 2 paragraph blip and that's a fine enough treatment of that

The kids sick in Vietnam? That's like a big distraction, imo. Worse, they'll have nothing but anxiety and a minor bug, and then the death watch crowd will be again lumped into the alarmist category, marginalized, and the disease will progress.

It's quite simple. Nature is doing its thing. It's really quite a wonderful event unfolding before us. My view is that this is a cauldron that's just beginning to boil Later, it will be too late for most who've chosen to make hay while the sun shines instead of to build their own safe space. Nature will deal with those people as well. It's not very original an idea.

If humans had the capacity to learn from prior mistakes, we'd not be as we are. So, humans remain target hosts for viruses and the wheel turns yet again.


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