Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 1 Flu Update

UC San Diego is working on some research that looks at promising future drug candidates.

UK leading vet agency says that recent events are a reminder of the risk of a global pandemic.

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology is now providing its issue papers for free, including on bird flu.

The Wall Street Journal asks why, if the US government wants to help during a pandemic, it doesn't just waive the requirement for a prescription to get Tamiflu.


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


You first article about the UC San Diego and NBCR folks who have identified about 27 promising compounds as potential replacements for Tamiflu and Relenza, is extremely thrilling. It is only a matter of short time before we see extremely (if not totally) drug resistant avian flu viruses, as nature runs its course. It will happen. I might add that the research is startling in the respect of how “super computers” and knowledge of crystalline structures can be put to excellent use to chart protein movements and molecular dynamics. (incidentally, most people do not know this – wink – but this same crystalline technological approach has been successfully used on the International Space Station for several years now).

Upon reading your Pacific Air Forces article about the Air Force Medical Service IHA briefings to the APCSS countries (including Indonesia), on the lessons learned from SARS and avian influenza, you have to wonder whether if it will have an impact on Indonesia’s belligerent attitude when it comes to transparent reporting of bird flu cases. Madame Supari has absolutely no use for NAMRU-2 and has been extremely caustic and downright derogatory in her remarks to the local media about US DOD health care elements located in that country. She sees absolute no use for them and anything associated with western nations (except if they have cash one-way payments), or anybody that is not of the Muslim faith. Of course, she’s also known in scientific and health circles, for being a few bricks short of a full load, and a few genes short of a full set, too.

Finally, a hearty “Amen” to Michael T. Rupp, professor of Pharmacy Administration at Midwestern University, for his recommendation that the FDA wave the requirement of a physician’s prescription for Tamiflu – if the HHS really really REALLY wants to assist Americans prepare for a catastrophic influenza pandemic. For some reason beyond my ability to comprehend, our bureaucrats in Washington do not think citizens are responsible or intellectually capable enough to make their own life decisions. Whether or not to purchase a life saving medication is a no-brainer decision and always has been.

But then, stop and think about it… we have millions of citizens caught up in the housing crisis who made the conscious decision to “over purchase” what they could afford because they thought house values would increase forever (or naively thought they could make a fortune at flipping real estate), and now the federal government feels compelled to bail/buy out their sorry derriere’s.

Go figure…like I said: purchasing Tamiflu without a physician’s description (OTC) is necessary, in order to avoid certain disaster and chaos during an influenza pandemic. If people can’t get their hands on it by peaceful means, then they will take it by deadly force, or by any means necessary to save themselves and their families.

Don’t ever think otherwise, anybody.



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