Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 27 Flu Update

A public official in Pakistan has been punished for a false bird flu alarm.

ProMed with the news on Hong Kong's compensation battle and the Pakistan false alarm.

Bird flu training is a local affair in Cambodia.

WSJ Blog looks at how cheap they are making Tamiflu.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


The bold move that Hong Kong is making to institute a complete phase-out of live poultry trading and wet markets by September, is a pretty significant cultural change when it comes down to it. It also shows what a concerned government can do when they take the threat seriously and have real health department leadership. When somebody like York Chow Yat-nyok is compared alongside Indonesian health minister Supari, she really turns out to be a light weight amateur: all talk and no action. “All hat and no cattle” as they say in some parts of the world.

I see from the news that the Pakistani politicians can’t seem to decide now whether it has H5N1 or H5N9. It doesn’t take too many brain cells for a person to figure our why the “Swabi Poultry Association” wants the answer to be H5N9 (as if that “finding” would make any real difference in the long run, it won’t).

Pakistan has been having a little moral difficulty these days figuring out right from wrong. It allows its regional chieftains to harbor the Taliban and Afghani terrorists, but gladly accepts Billions of Bush dollars in western aid for military and political cooperation.

I guess H5N1 are a lot like the terrorist Taliban hiding out in Pakistan: look the other way and everything will be fine. In fact, both of these viruses are kind of like “cash cows” - they both draw much needed financial aid from the rich western nations.

Why get rid of a good thing ?



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