Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 24th Flu Update

No translator needed...Portuguese speaking nations get together to talk bird flu.

More culling in Hong Kong.

A health department in the state of Washington is in trouble for purchasing procedures related to its Tamiflu purchase.


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


After reading your first article about the Portuguese speaking African countries getting together to organize a bird flu simulation exercise, I have concluded that the US doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the many millions of dollars in free aid that it pumps into third world countries – especially for bird flu education and surveillance support. If I could get a hundred dollar bill for every million dollars that was shipped over to these nations, I could probably retire (and you’d never hear from me again).

Hong Kong seems to be taking the right measures in attempting to quash its continuing dilemma with bird flu. The reimbursement payments to poultry farmers and retailers there seem quite generous. But I can see their government doesn’t play around when it comes to eradicating the virus: the direction they are clearly heading in is eventually banning all live poultry markets and live trade – period. (I guess that says something about the mother country).

Your last news article about the nut case Federico Cruz-Uribe’s attempts to illegally import one million Tamiflu capsules in 2006 has been in the news quite a bit over the last two years. As I said about a year ago: government procurement procedures and penalties are pretty darn rigid and specific on circumventing the law. He is very lucky they let him resign. Had he actually executed the purchase, he may have found himself being a love machine in a state or federal penitentiary for ten or twenty years. At the current time, the drug is easily obtained commercially, providing you have the bucks to do it.

But for most of us individuals, well, as I have also said many times… it’s easier to buy a fully functional automatic AK 47 with a case of armor piercing rounds, or a new $ 50K tricked-out Hummer, than it is to buy a week’s dosage of Tamiflu. Go figure, Orange.



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