Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 21 Flu Update

Expert says complacency is the enemy.

"Countries have been on crisis alert for some years and unfortunately the threat is not going away. H5N1 is popping up all over the world, even more frequently than it did two years ago," he said when met at the Institute for Medical Research.

CDC head Julie Gerberding has the same message....

"People have very short attention spans and when something is in the news for a while, it becomes old news and then it's no news," she said at a conference Saturday. "We have to be very strategic to make sure that the leaders and governments fill in for the tendency toward complacency."

The French are said to be continuing to be vigilant on the bird flu.

Bird flu planning also continues in Nigeria.

Thailand has canceled a deal to work with China to build a vaccine plant. WHO says it will step in and help.

Revere has a post about Indonesia's announced plan to....well...lie about what is going on there, and wonders why you would vacation there.


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Well, well, well… the primary health department leaders of the US and Great Britain, Dr. Julie Gerberding and Sir Roy Anderson, both publicly declare that many countries are becoming complacent to the bird flu threat. While this no doubt true across the globe, it’s no wonder, let’s see what’s drawing everyone’s attention: the average person is hit daily with rising fuel and food prices, and watching the value of their homes diminish by the month. The world financial markets are going down the dumper (mainly caused by Depression-like bubble speculators – first in housing, now there is rampant speculation in oil and food commodities), and natural disasters like flooding, wide fires and volcanic eruptions (which are tangible threats) keep occurring every week and pushing epidemic health threats into the background. And of course, to top everything, our current administration in Washington has us bogged down in idiotic wars “against terrorism” in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We in the US ought to be very thankful a pandemic hasn’t flared up yet, because the vast majority of our valuable military assets are deployed in the middle east, which absolutely means they would unavailable to assist the US population during an international influenza health emergency.

I do believe Revere read my comments about Indonesia a few days ago, when I remarked that nobody could pay me to visit there, even if they gave me free airfare and hotel accommodations. There’s just something about that psycho bi-polar health minister there and her government, which makes me wonder just really how pervasive the spread of H5N1 really is. I think it’s bad, very bad, and she is attempting to control and manage all the bird flu news releases, trivialize it, and contain the press. Her health department there has no credibility and they are purposely suppressing the number of true human bird flu illnesses, due to misdiagnosis or manipulation of the tests results.

Some day, she will have a lot of explaining to do, as will mainland China.("Stupid is as stupid does").



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