Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 18 Flu Update

Another outbreak reported in South Korea.

Political recriminations are flying in India.

A committee in India is going to figure where in the heck that virus came from.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


How articles are written, and the tone of their content, pretty much defines the direction that the bird flu virus is most likely to take in the future. For example, in your two Indian articles, a couple of pretty revealing things are listed:

1) Culling has been for the most part in West Bengal, pretty superficial and spotty (they use the term “lackadaisical”)

2) “Not one human case of the virus has been reported in India” (or Bangladesh for that fact, two of the most densely populated areas in the entire world).

3) The immediate solution is to “set up a committee of four members”, to “go into the source of the virus, its spread , prevention and genetic sequence”.

4) A longer term solution will be “suggested by the centre”

5) The Animal Resources Development Minister said “he is not sure about the reasons for the large-scale spread of bird flu”.

One has to conclude that so far, surprisingly, the Indian government has acted along the same lines as Indonesia: pandering to politics, bureaucracy and ineptness, lack of commitment or empowerment by the veterinary authorities, and constant scape-goating and finger pointing. What’s more – no foreseeable national bird flu containment or realistic surveillance plan in sight, no poultry vaccination program and they can’t even seem to develop a consensus on where the virus is originating from (most likely, illegal trade and migratory birds - there you go – no charge for research).

One has to conclude at this point… both Indonesia and India are both in “state of denial” when it comes to H5N1… Indonesia’s denial seems to be based on anti-western Muslim philosophy and greed for viral sample compensation; India’s denial appears to be based solely on government bureaucracy so vast and inept that it defies imagination.



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