Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10 Flu Update

And, we're back.

New Scientist on the recent news from China....and how there may be undiagnosed cases there. Also this:

The month before, an H5N1 patient in Shenzhen also recovered after receiving plasma from someone who had survived the infection, suggesting that antibodies from such survivors are a promising approach to treating H5N1, and should be investigated further.

Farmers haunted in Bangladesh, from bird flu.

Bird flu hits the far East of Russia.

France says its bird flu risk is "weak."

Bird flu continues to spread in S. Korea.

Indian culling said to be complete soon.

Flu Preparedness in Alabama.

A Missouri pandemic planning council is planning for...a pandemic.


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Glad to see you back in cyberspace, withdrawal was starting to set in.

Three cheers for Jeremy Farrar of the University of Oxford’s Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for pointing out what many of us in cyberspace have alleged for many months – there could be a substantial number of people misdiagnosed with other illnesses when they actually could have H5N1. This would be due to a number of factors several experts have continually pointed out: lack of sensitivity in the testing, lack of medical expertise on the part of the health practitioner’s, or just plain old denial on the part of many governments to avoid panic and economic repercussions. In my view: there are too many actual clusters forming around the globe to be complacent: too many self proclaimed experts are taking the MSM and WHO media reports at face value, as authentic. Both are way behind the cognizant “recognition curve” in my opinion.

It’s also good to see the preparation and planning progress reports out of states like Alabama and Missouri – these are great news articles that people need to pay attention to.
In particular, as the Alabama piece points out, all citizens should emergency preparation items in one place, ready to “grab-and-go” in case of a national emergency of any type. On the Gulf Coast, where I am most accustomed to hurricanes and massive evacuations of people (think Katrina, and Florida, etc), myself and Mrs. Wulf have emergency bags always packed and ready to go with 30 minutes notice. We have enough dehydrated food, medicines and all other provisions to last for two weeks – if absolutely necessary – included water purification tablets. And that’s just for starters folks….

I will tell you and all of your readers Orange, that the discussion of excessive deaths, processing deceased individuals, body tags, and cooler spaces for a large number of fatalities… is pretty close to the mark. Last year, I assisted in our government agency planning by ordering in excess of 15,000 body bags for our metropolitan area, as “backup” to handle the “overflow of local casualties”. I also assisted in designating very large buildings for medical triage areas (to support tens of thousands of sick people), as well as involvement of coordination with the local military airfield to fly in emergency supplies and logistical support on short notice. We also have stockpiled over 20,000 MRE’s at work. Late last year, approximately 12,000 civil servants and contractors were warned twice to stockpile at least one month’s worth of personal food and supplies. And that isn’t all… some of the rest of our planning would make your hair stand on end.

That’s kind of why I keep hanging around your website. To get the word out in front of everyone.



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