Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 13 Flu Update

An Indonesian boy has died of bird flu. They said he had a "history" of handing a dead chicken near his school.

"Medical doctors at the hospital were meeting to discuss his case, since he showed great improvement in his health condition, with his white-blood cell count rising, but the boy suddenly died at 7:30 this morning," said Nirwan.

The latest cull in Russia is complete.

The Philippines are bragging about banning Canadian imports as a sign of their commitment to fight bird flu.

Pakistan has announced that it has a bird flu plan.

They're monitoring for birds in New Mexico....

In North Dakota, they are urging hunters to report any dead birds they find.

Dutch Scientists id the parts of the virus that attack human and bird cells.

This story is fascinating. A neighborhood in Virginia is trying to see if it can isolate itself and survive during a pandemic.

A committee of seven residents in Ford’s Colony is studying the possibility that a neighborhood could effectively isolate itself during a pandemic, stockpiling enough goods to serve residents when common resources are overwhelmed or simply unavailable.

North Dakota is offering drive through flu shots.

Here's how you prep your home for bird flu.


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