Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19 Flu Update

HHS says it has enough vaccine for 6 million people (CIDRAP). There's enough antivirals for 81 million people.

Tests from the suspected cases in India are expected back in a few days.

Bird flu continues to batter South Vietnam.

GE Healthcare talks about its vaccine technology in Vietnam.

Columbia County, WI, is preparing its pandemic plan.

Profits are up for Gilead.

A bird flu prep meeting in Nevada revealed glitches.

Colorado is doing a pandemic awareness plan, too.


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Wulfgang said...


Well, after reading your first CIDRAP article, let’s cross our fingers and hope that the 12 million doses of pre-pandemic Clade 1 virus vaccine is a close match to the actual pandemic virus. Other wise there will be 6 million very disappointed people (along with the rest of us “little” people). Incidentally, I’ve been thinking about taking a practical nursing, EMS or some kind of health related course, like massage therapy, so I can make the magic six million list).

Overall, I viewed the HHS report as a very positive step in the right direction, with a long ways to go to be actually ready for anything serious. The only item that really flagged in the article is the bit about English and Spanish public service announcements – I haven’t observed any so far, so I’m wondering “where, when, and to whom” are they being given ?

The India news article still looks pretty fishy. If the results of their tests come back that the virus is LPAI and still killed their chickens, then the real mystery will start. I would be a very worried Indian if this were the case.

After reading your three community preparedness articles (Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado), I have a brainstorm on how to cash in big time on all this pandemic planning. I got the idea from Iraq and Halliburton Industries: I’m thinking of starting a company so I can contract with the federal government for pandemic personal “security and protection”, if things get ugly and real chaos ensues. My folks (er, make that, employee’s) can patrol the streets, even provide coverage protection for the government antiviral and vaccine deliveries, and can be authorized to use deadly force to maintain law and order against the pandemic “evil do’ers”. Employees will probably be all NRA members, but I would include the ACLU on the Board of Directors, and provide coverage to all congressional districts and Tribal Nations, so no one ends up feeling disenfranchised. It will be called “Wulfgang Industries, LLP – To Serve and Protect the Citizen (motto)”, and offer a money back guarantee.

I see millions of dollars of potential legitimate profit (no over runs, shady accounting or audits necessary like with those greedy oil companies) in this brainstorm. I think it’s a better idea than the “clapper” or “chia pet” when it comes down to it, and it’s not even in Matthew Lesko’s book. We won’t even need armored up vehicles (MRAV’s), we can use our own pickup trucks, so actually, we will be saving the government money, when it comes to it.

Oh, I know you’re probably thinking “paid militia”, but in actuality, think of us as a private sector contractor (small disadvantaged business of course) extension of DHS and FEMA, in support of national security while our men and women are bogged down in the Iraq civil war.

What do you think ? You in or out on this…



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